Technical metal doors

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Technical metal doors
169.4 €
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Application and features of manufacturing of the technical doors

The technical metal doors Padilla can be installed in the different facilities: lobbies, entrances, basements, auxiliary rooms, special technical spaces and premises. Frequently the doors may be installed in the warehouses and inside the industrial buildings.

The technical metallic door differs from the regular metallic door in one principal feature: the technical door should be easily and comfortably operated and the door’s exterior look is not a priority. In producing the technical doors the close attention is paid to the particularities of the premises where the doors will be installed. For example, the technical doors in the boiler room must have an additional ventilation (louver) or fireproof glass.

Depending on the service and operation conditions and requirements of the premises to the fire resistance class, the technical doors have their own individual fire resistant capacity (EI) that is rarely exceeded EI 60. Also, depending on the purpose of the premise and equipment types stored in this premise, the technical door may have different attack-proof classes and respectively, a different lock types. As a rule, the technical doors are made from metallic sheets with thickness from 1 to 1.2 mm.

The difference between the technical doors Padilla and fire doors

If the technical doors are located close and nearby to the fire doors, we will use similar construction and production technology to make both doors visually identical. Perhaps, the only exception is the application of the mineral wool of low density in the production of the technical doors, and this not allowed in the manufacturing of their fire counterpart. With regards to the accessories (handles, locks, glasses), it may be used any ones. Frequently, the double-glazed windows can be used in manufacturing of the technical doors. In this case, the cost of production is decreased and the pressure-tightness of the technical doors is substantially increased. The technical door features maximum corrosion protection through phosphate treatment before painting the door.

Price and additional information

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