Fire resistant glass

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The areas of application of the fire resistant glasses

This type of glass is specifically designed to use in the structures that are able to keep their integrity and functionality under exposure to the high temperature over a long period of time. They are normally used to prevent fire spread and to provide a safe escape route and safe access for fire-fighters.

Difference between fire resistant glasses and ordinary glasses

The fire resistant glasses differ from the ordinary window glasses by the smaller heat irradiation coefficient. The glass resistant to fire are incorporating several layers of glass combined into a multilayer block. Inter-layers are filled with gel that in the event of fire serves as effective thermo-insulation. The thermo-insulation helps to keep the integrity of the frame and to block a passage of the heat irradiation through fire resistant glass. It prevents heating and ignition of the flammable materials on the non-fire side.

Fireproof glass Promat has a smallest heat expansion coefficient. It helps to sustain a heat impact, i.e. the impact of the extreme temperature drop but unlike the ordinary glass the fireproof glass is not broken or cracked.

Specifics of the fire resistant glass Promat and its benefits

Fire resistant glasses Promat are used in glazed partitions and fire doors, stairwells, exit access corridors, or in other fire barriers dividing interior construction. Frequently these glasses are applied in overhead or roof glazing and façades. The glasses Promat will make premises maximum safe even if a fire occurs. The customers are buying the heat resistance glasses to ensure partial compliance with the fire safety regulations and to make their buildings fire safe. These glasses are in a full conformance with and meet the following requirements:

  • Heat insulation (low heat transmission coefficient);
  • Protection from radiant heat (low radiant coefficient);
  • Combined heat insulation and radiant heat protection;
  • Protection from noise;
  • Safety factors;
  • Good visual and light transparency.

In our catalogue we offer the stock of heat resistant glasses with different thickness. However all our glasses have high heat conductivity, low level of heat expansion and good noise-insulating characteristics.

Price and additional information

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