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Basic purposes of the fire doors

The doors resistant to fire and flame can withstand exposure to fire, flame, smoke and other fire related hazards for a specified period of time and may slow fire spread to the immediate vicinity, as well as surrounding areas and adjoining premises that may be threatened by the fire. Being resistant to fire, these doors provide opportunities to safely evacuate people and properties and also keep free, unobstructed access for fire fighters to extinguish the fire or to localize the ignition sources.

In accordance with the statistical data, in the event of fire the absence of the exits, evacuation and escape routes, means of egress which are kept clear of obstruction or the absence of opportunities to leave premises on time are the principal factors behind the fire casualties.

Fire doors selection criteria

The fire resistance capacity (fire rating) is the principal technical parameter of the fire door. The doors are “rated” by time (in minutes or hours). Such a rate is meant a time period within which the door with fire resistant core can withstand exposure to the extremely high temperature and prevent spreading of fire and smoke into the premises where people can be. Fireproof doors can have a fire resistance of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

It is a must that a basic fire door requirements and types of their structure to be determined when the project for construction of the new building or renovation of the existing one is developed. When the construction project is in developing stage it is necessary to consider the purpose of the projected premises, the number of premises and storeys, fire resistance class and rate, presence of different fire fighting systems, etc.

Production materials

The fire doors are mainly produced from steel, aluminum and wood materials with the application of heat-resistant and heat-insulating fillings.

In our catalogue we offer a wide selection of the highest quality fire doors. The doors are made in accordance with modern technologies with a high quality guarantee, have been tested in accordance with the established European standards.

Basic purposes of the fire rated glass doors

Fire glass doors are used to prevent fire and smoke spread, to provide a safe escape and routes to evacuate people and essential equipment and also, free and unobtrusive access for fire-fighters to extinguish a fire.

Unlike to metallic fire door, the glass one is classified into light transparent and glazed doors. If the transparency of the inter layer is no less than 25% of the total square of a door, the fire glass doors are rated light transparent and if such a transparency is less than 25% of the door square, they are classified as glazed doors.

The principal difference between fire rated glass door and its wood and metallic counterparts is the excellent visual look of the fire glass door allowing them to perfectly fit into any interior.

Applications of the glass doors

Fire rated glass light transparent doors are mainly recommended for installation in:

  • Office premises;
  • Premises with fire-related hazards;
  • Stairwells exits;
  • Lift lobbies exits;
  • Floor passages;
  • Escape routes from corridors.

Glazed fire doors must be installed as entrance to:

  • Substations;
  • Ventilation chambers;
  • Premises within thermal points;
  • Storages for flammable materials;
  • Different technical premises located in the ground and underground of the buildings.

Key benefits and advantages

The glass doors provide an opportunity to visually control of whether any emergency event such as fire occurs in the closed premise without entering into it and this is the key and principal advantage of them.

In addition, the fire rated glass doors have a perfect service and operation qualities and the following performance attributes:

  • Excellent thermo insulation;
  • Good acoustic insulation;
  • Strong, stable and durable construction.

Purchasing fire glass door in our store, you can used them not only as entrance door but also as office doors that fit to any interior, not depending on functionality and use of the premise where the door will be installed.

Price and additional technical information

If you have questions or you would like to order the fire door, call us by +371 27249249 or write us and we will contact you shortly!

Our managers are ready to assist you in making the right choice of the product and in providing any technical consultation.