Metal technical door (990 * 2060 mm.)

Manufacturer: Asturmadi
Model: Multiuso
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The door frame is made of 1.2 mm plates of galvanized steel, the door stack is made of 0.5 mm plates of galvanized steel. Universal installation for both right, and left directions of opening, the thickness of a stack is 53 mm, the color is gray (RAL 7035), iit is filled with polystyrene (density - 20 kg/m3). Allows both right and left directions of opening.

Technical information
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  • Manufacturing country: Spain
The recommended leaf size:
  • Width: 990 mm
  • Height: 2060 mm

Size of a door frame:

  • Width: 970 mm
  • Height: 2050 mm

Standard equipment:

  • Door-frame,
  • The lock without a euro cylinder,
  • Plastic handle,
  • Door hinges,

Possible additional equipment:

  • Threshold,
  • Acoustic weather strips (rubber weather strip provides a sound and cold isolation)
  • Euro cylinder,
  • Hydraulic closing device,
  • Handle made of stainless steel,
  • Aluminum handle.

Wholesale price is provided for the order of 10 doors minimum.

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