Pivoting Fireproof gates Padilla Magnum (Double doors)


Pressure bent structural steel of great solidity to be masonry fixed, suitable to support radial loadings of great importance.


Main and secondary panel, 72 mm thick at least. Realized in modules of matched steel plates, with programmed deformability plates on the external sides and an inner insulating pack, MEV FIRUX®, resistant to high temperatures

Central doorstop:

Part of the secondary panel, protected on both sides, it is preset to house “Self-stop”, the self-locking device placed at the top and bottom of the panel.


Of Mechanical and telescopic type. It is placed at the meeting of the two panels for a correct closing sequence


FIRUX® type, thermo-expanding gaskets placed along the vertical sides of the frame, on the top and on the bottom of the panels' heads and just onto the central ledge/doorstop.


On the main panel spring lock and turn with double cylinder. On the secondary one, “Selfstop” type safetylock for the upwards and downwards self-blocking system. Both locks are interchangeable with locks programmed to work with panic push-bars.

Door handles:

Accident-prevention configuration with nylon-covered steel core.


Rectified, n. 2 for each panel, realised to support radial loadings of great importance

Self-Closing system:

By means of big, hydraulic-type automatic door closers, characterised by a regulating system of the opening force, the closing speed and the final release. For larger dimension doors, an additional spring device of appropriate power is provided to reinforce the automatic door closers. The self-closing system realised through the above mentioned devices is guaranteed up to maximum of 120° span

Identification plate:

It provides the name of the producer, the year of production, the name of the certificating agency, the number of the certification test, the level to fire resistance and the yearly given progressive number.


Plate protected on both sides by a zincrometal-type zinc-coating, painted with anticorrosive epoxy primer in ecological formulation. Minimum resistance to saline smoke exposure: 300 hours (A.S.T.M. B-117-61). Standard rust preventer: RAL 7035. Optional: finish made with satin enamels in the furnace-polymerized RAL range.

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