Smoke curtain mcr Prosmoke (automatic)


  • mcr PROSMOKE S – fixed curtain
  • mcr PROSMOKE CE – automatic rolling curtain
  • mcr PROSMOKE FS CE - automatic rolling curtain with the “fail safe” option

Structure of automatic curtains:

  • Steel casing
  • Grey non-combustible fabric
  • Roller
  • Electric drive
  • Line load

Structure of static curtains:

  • Load-carrying (supporting) steel profile
  • Pressing steel profile
  • Grey non-combustible fabric
  • Line load


  • Optimised smoke control
  • Accumulation of smoke in compartments
  • Improvement of smoke vent's effectiveness

Features of the mcr Prosmoke curtains:

  • distinguished fire resistance parameters (DH30 – DH60)
  • possibility of covering openings of any width
  • variety of possibilities of fixing the curtains to the ceiling and joining modules together
  • simple installation, low load for a structure

Purpose: Not only does the automatic rolling smoke curtain ensure safety and compliance with regulations, but it also makes it possible to design interiors. This device does not impede the process of supplying light to building interiors. Due to its small dimensions and low deadweight, it does not require special construction solutions, and can easily be fitted in any room.

Application: The mcr Prosmoke smoke curtain, as one of the elements of the entire vent system, separates a smoke reservoir within the exhaust zones from the rest of the building, dividing the space under the roof or ceiling into compartments. Combined with smoke vents and inlet openings, the smoke curtain makes it possible to:

  • increase effectiveness of smoke vents by storing smoke in the reservoirs within a zone
  • keep escape routes free from smoke
  • reduce damage caused by smoke and hot gases as well optimise the control of smoke

Dimensions: The mcr Prosmoke curtain can cover openings of a maximum height of 8m. The width is conditioned by number of curtain modules used.


  • special incombustible fabric
  • roller with a servomotor, closed in a casing made of galvanised steel sheet
  • curtain’s lower load made of galvanized steel sheet
  • power supply module
  • side guides (optional)
  • controller; the mcr8705 panel with, optionally, the mcr R0424K or mcr R0448K module

ITB Technical Approval no. AT-15-6351/2004 + Annexe No. 1
Certificate FIRES 1396-CPD-0033
Certificate FIRES 1396-CPD-0037
Certificate FIRES 1396-CPD-0021
Certificate FIRES 1396-CPD-0022

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