Fire Rated Screw Fixed Access Panel LFS (400 x 400 mm.)

Manufacturer: Latakva Fire Service
Model: LFS HATCH EI30-EI120 (400 x 400 mm)
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Universal fire resistant hatch LFS of blind type

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Universal fire resistant hatch LFS of blind type LFS EI120, is manufactured by Latakva Fire Service from fire proof panels TECBOR® in a hard steel frame. The fire resistant access hatch can be used in the lower fire resistant capacities EI30; EI60; EI90.

Conform to: EN13501-2:2007+A1:2009

Fields of application:

The fire resistant hatch sits flush with the wall or ceiling lining as the hatch is finished similar to walls and ceiling. The frame of the hatch is easily installed into the fire rated walls and not visible. We manufacture the ready to install set of hatches of required sizes.

  • Nonstandard sizes of the fire resistant access hatch are manufactured on request;
  • The free passage of the hatch is 10 cm less of the total size of the hatch;
  • The prices can be changed without prior notice;

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