Revision door Siniat® Fire-tech El30 (size 500x500 mm, outer frame size 610x610 mm)

Manufacturer: Siniat
Model: Fire-Tech EI60
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Siniat Fire-tech® EI60 access panel is designed for mounting in ceilings made of Siniat plaster-cardboard panels. The access panel is made of two frames consisting of two aluminium profiles: external and internal, which is the construction frame of the access panel door. The access panel is filled with two NIDA Fire+ plaster-cardboard panels with a thickness of 2x15.0 mm.

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The filler of the door leaf is NIDA Uguns + plasterboard with a thickness of 2x12.5 mm. A fire-resistant foam seal with a thickness of about 1 mm is glued to the door leaf along the entire perimeter. Frame covering - NIDA Uguns + drywall 2 x 12.5 mm thick. Optionally - you can install a cylinder lock with one or more keys.

The ability to remove the door from the frame guarantees full access to the space in the shaft. Plates form one plane with an aluminum profile frame - no pouring is required. Removable revolving hinges and Mini-Latsch metal locks must be used to install the jamb in the same plane as the door leaf. A cable is attached to the frame to prevent the inspection door from falling.

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