Fireproof steel inspection hatch DP2 / REV EI30 (Single-leaf, possible sizes: width from 400 mm to 1500 mm)



  • The thickness of the inspection hatch is 1.5 mm.
  • There is sealing rubber and a fire-resistant thermal tape 2 mm thick and 18 mm wide around the perimeter of the box.
  • The box is filled with non-combustible mineral wool with a density of 150 kg / m3 and refractory sheets 12.5x25 mm.
  • A drawer can be crafted in two ways: an inner drawer without a jamb or a corner drawer with a jamb.
  • The total thickness of the box is 95 mm.


The hatch leaf is made of 0.9 mm thick galvanized steel.

Sash thickness 62 mm.

Inside it is filled with non-combustible mineral wool with a density of 150 kg / m3.

The sash edges are sealed on the inside with a 2 mm thick fire-resistant sealing tape.

Fire-resistant plasterboard reinforcement is placed around the interior of the castle, providing additional fire protection.


The hatch is equipped with 2 hinges.

One hinge has a self-closing mechanism.

Hinges are installed from the side of the hinges.

Standard Equipment

  • Paint - polymer RAL 7035 or 7038 (embossed surface type - shagreen)
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Stainless steel cylinder + 3 keys (key-key or key lock)


  • black thermal pen
  • Black handle - round
  • surface type - smooth or other RAL shade + 10 euros included.

Hatches are made to order!

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