Constructions fire protection

Installation and maintenance of fire doors, windows, fire hatches, gates and fire/smoke curtains


  • 1. Maintenance, design and installation of fire doors, hatches and additional equipment

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  • 2. Service and repair of fire gates

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  • 3. Maintenance and repair of fire screens and smoke shutters

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  • 4. We carry out installation of metal, wooden, aluminum fire doors.

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Core maintenance measures of fire doors

Maintenance of fire doors, fire hatches, gates and screens includes periodic inspections of operative condition and functionality of fire-fighting equipment.

It is essential to keep fire doors, gates, hatches and similar elements, intended for filling of wall openings, permanent in completely operable state , as these structures are designed to limit the fire spreading from adjacent rooms within one building or between different categories of structures.

The maintenance regulation of fire doors, fire hatches, gates and screens provides for the following measures:

  • Checking for through cracks and holes in fire-prevention doors and hatches by creating a difference in illumination between the sides
  • Checking for elasticity and absence of cracks of sealant in door-frames;
  • Checking of installed door closer for secure fastening and inspection of its full operative condition;
  • Checking for the conditions of locks and door butts, especially for the lack of backlashes and the presence of grease.

Upon completion of the inspections, appropriate certificates of fire doors' inspections are made. On their basis, our specialists perform all the necessary maintenance works in order to eliminate all the identified shortcomings.

Price and additional information

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