Constructions fire protection

General construction

Construction and repair services

  • 1. Repair, reconstruction, restoration of buildings

    Price : on request
  • 2. Construction of communications, repair

    Price : on request
  • 3. Repair, reconstruction and restoration of facades and roofs

    Price : on request
  • 4. Metal constructions fireproof painting

    Price :
  • 5. Wooden constructions Fire retardant treatment with flame retardant FAP

    Price :
  • 6. Installation and maintenance of fire doors, hatches, gates and curtains

    Price :
  • 7. Fireproof crossing closure

    Price :
  • 8. Fireproof walls and partitions construction

    Price :
  • 9. Fireproof protection of reinforced concrete structures

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Construction and repair work

Latakva Fire Service – Your partner for construction and repair!

We carry out high-quality construction and repair work on the property of the client, strictly observing the terms of implementation and providing multilevel quality control. Below we suggest to familiarize with the list of the executed works by our experts.

Completed projects

Z- towers

  • Fireproof Tecbor plates
  • PROMAT Fireproof paint

Berga bazārs

  • Exclusive fire doors
  • Technical doors
  • Fire doors EI60

Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga

  • Installation of fire protection passes
  • Manufacture and commissioning of fire inspection hatches LFS

Presidential palace

  • Installation of fire protection passes

AC Hotel by Marriott Riga

  • Fire protection and fire-resistant coating


  • Refractory painting of metal structures
  • Visualization of low-voltage systems of fire fighting equipment

Riga City Council of Construction

  • Installation of fireproof doors EI120

Dominante Industrial Logistics Park

  • Delivery and installation of large-size fire gate EI30-EI60
  • Maintenance of fire safety systems

Swecon Volvo Construction Equipment

  • Delivery and installation of fire doors EI30
  • Fire-resistant paint EI60
  • Installation of fire protection passes

Airport Riga (New building)

  • Delivery of large-sized fire gate


  • Installation and maintenance of fire safety systems

Barona square

  • Installation and maintenance of fire safety systems

B.L.B Terminal AS

  • Delivery of foam concentrate

Latvijas Republikas Saeima

  • Installation and maintenance of fire safety systems

Business Garden Riga

  • Delivery and installation of EI60 audit hatches

Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia

  • Production and installation of LFS audit hatches EI120

Latakva Fire Service is registered in the Construction Information System under the registration number 12448.

Experts on construction and repair

For successful construction it is important to choose a reliable and experienced partner with many years of experience. Assigning construction and repair work to a reliable and proven partner in the long term reduces both your costs and time savings.

Construction and repair services

Having chosen the service from "Latakva Fire Service", we can provide all necessary works from repairs, reconstructions to any improvements. We have qualified and experienced construction managers (with certificates for construction works and construction supervision, water supply and sewerage systems, including fire fighting systems, construction management and construction supervision, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning control), builders and labor safety specialists who will ensure high quality and safe performance of services.

Contact our consultants to find out more about our services and get the right offer for construction or repair!

Price and additional information

If you have questions or you would like to order construction and repair services, call us by +371 27249249 or write us and we will contact you shortly!

Our managers are ready to assist you in making the right choice of the service and in providing any technical consultation.