Fire retardant paint PROMAPAINT SC4 (For steel structures)

General instructions: paint for steel constructions PROMAPAINT SC4 is intended to prolong the fire resistance of structures.

Density of paint application depends on the type of constructions, the thickness of metal and the required fire resistance.

The paint can be applied indoors only. Do not use with constructions, which are constantly exposed to humidity, cold air or vehicle exhaust.

It is necessary to follow the instruction on the density of paint application. It is prohibited to apply other paints over a layer of PROMAPAINT SC4.

The paint PROMAPAINT SC4 for steel structures can be used on cast steel, subject to the appropriate density of paint application for the closed steel profiles.

The main surface should be dry, free from stains of rust, dirt, oil and ground colour. The temperature during the painting should be approximately +10ºC (the temperature of steel - approximately +5ºC).

Duration of drying depends on the temperature, the air humidity and the paint consistence.

When finished, stick a note with a marker of special paint.

Package unit: bucket 25 kg.

Please request additional instructions on the use of the paint!

To specify the exact density of paint aplication, please, provide the following information to our experts: the constructions type, the construction purpose, the required level of fire resistance.

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