Fireproof mortar PROMASTOP, Type E, 1 kg (For cables)

Manufacturer: Promat

The coating does not contain solvent, it inhibits burning, and it is manufactured on the basis of dispersion. In the fire conditions fire resistant coating PROMASTOP, type Е is reacted as heat-absorbing material.

Fields of application: Fire resistant coating PROMASTOP, Type E, Fire resistant coating PROMASTOP, Type E, is used in manufacturing of the cable diaphragm – PROMASTOP diaphragm of panels EI 120, Type E and PROMAFOAM cable diaphragm EI120, and also PROMASTOP combined cable diaphragms EI120, Type E, for installing into walls and ceilings with fire resistant capacity EI 120.

  • Used in the certified constructions Promat: 600.41, 600.46 and 640.10
  • Name: Fire resistant coating PROMASTOP, Type E
  • Delivery: plastic package
  • Quantity: 1 kg
  • Product number: 704 212

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