Fireproof mortar PROMASTOP, Type E, 1 kg (For cables)

Manufacturer: Promat
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The coating does not contain solvent, it inhibits burning, and it is manufactured on the basis of dispersion. In the fire conditions fire resistant coating PROMASTOP, type Е is reacted as heat-absorbing material.

*Product description is based on information provided by the manufacturer about the product. The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. In accordance with certain modifications from the manufacturer changes may be made in the description of the product or its parameters.

Fields of application: Fire resistant coating PROMASTOP, Type E, Fire resistant coating PROMASTOP, Type E, is used in manufacturing of the cable diaphragm – PROMASTOP diaphragm of panels EI 120, Type E and PROMAFOAM cable diaphragm EI120, and also PROMASTOP combined cable diaphragms EI120, Type E, for installing into walls and ceilings with fire resistant capacity EI 120.

  • Used in the certified constructions Promat: 600.41, 600.46 and 640.10
  • Name: Fire resistant coating PROMASTOP, Type E
  • Delivery: plastic package
  • Quantity: 1 kg
  • Product number: 704 212

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