Fireproof filling mass PROMAT (EUR/kg)

Manufacturer: Promat

Fire-resistant filling PROMAT is a specially developed, very plastic white dry mix with various application opportunities. Non combustible-A1.

Fields of application: Filling of panel joints and squaring up, plastering of bolts' and nails' heads. Filling of panels over the entire surface. Fillings of holes and cracks in walls, ceilings and coatings of other material.

PROMAT filling can be used for internal works only for internal works, it can not be used in very damp spaces.

Please, ask for technical information.

  • Name: Fire-resistant filling PROMAT
  • Package: Paper bag
  • Pieces in package: 20 kg
  • Quantity of bags in a pallet: 40 pcs.
  • Product number: 4040739

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