Intumescent paint and varnishes for wood etc. Envirograf® (Produсt 42, HW02E)

The Envirograf® swelling wood paints and varnishes section offers a wide range of clear or white finishes, ideal for converting existing wood surfaces to 30- and even 60-minute fireproof surfaces.


Coatings are a durable solution for interior and exterior treated or untreated wood. They can be used to coat insulation boards, MDF boards, drywall, timber and a wide variety of wood products including doors, floors and furniture.

  • Ideal for upgrading existing timber doors to fire rated doors in 30 or 60 minutes - no need to replace them! With Envirograf primer, the coatings can be applied to already painted or varnished surfaces, so there is no need to remove them in advance.
  • Cost effective compared to other fire safety solutions.
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray.
  • Long Lasting
  • Tested according to European standard EN1364-1 for 66 minutes integrity (integrity) and European standard EN13823, classification B / S1 / d0, combustion test (SBI) and EN11925-2 (flammability).
  • Both indoors and outdoors.
  • Provides UV protection to external wood surfaces.


Primer - does not provide fire protection.

HWAP / WB / PRIMER is a transparent water-based primer that should be applied to all surfaces prior to applying HW02 / E

  • Usage - 1 layer of planed wood 10–12 m² per liter.
  • Dries in 30 minutes.

More primer than recommended before applying HW02, and it perfectly protects the wood surface from the moisture of adjacent walls.

Transparent fire retardant

HWAP / E - water-based swellable transparent coating for wood and wood products

Consumption - 8 m² per liter per layer, 2 layers of 30 minutes each for fire protection (depending on the thickness and density of the wood) and 3 layers of 60 minutes each for fire protection.

  • HW02E is a water-based product that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • All tools can be washed with hot water.
  • Invert container of HW02E before use and stand for 4 minutes, then add 5% water and mix thoroughly for 5 minutes. It can be thick in cold weather, so place the dish in the water bath until smooth and stir well.
  • When installing new wood, make sure there is no dust on the surface. If you want to impregnate / pickle the wood first, we recommend using Sikkens water-based stains. First you need to apply HWAP PRIMER to CEDAR wood.
  • Use only in warm and dry conditions!

COLD and MOISTURE damage the fire retardant properties of the coating

Wood moisture content should not exceed 17%

  • Before applying HW02E, apply one coat of Envirograf® HWAP / WB Clear Adhesion Primer at a rate of 10-12 m² per liter.
  • When the primer is completely dry, apply HW02E.
  • HW02E is a transparent swellable coating with a slightly hazy appearance that becomes transparent after 1-2 hours of drying.
  • After applying HW02E, avoid immediate reapplication by brush or roller as this may damage the already applied layer. If re-treatment is absolutely necessary, soak the tip of the brush in warm water before applying and continue with light strokes over the surface.
  • If this is your first time using HW02E, we strongly recommend applying the product to a small surface area first to understand how much coverage is required.
  • If you're happy with the test site, keep working on the rest.
  • Before applying the second coat, make sure the first coat is completely transparent and completely dry. Apply 2 coats of 8 m² per liter for each coat. This gives 30 minutes fire resistance for 9mm softwood and 60 minutes for 14mm softwood.
  • Anything thinner than these dimensions should be applied in 3 coats, applying 8 m² of paint per liter per coat.
  • It can be applied by roller, brush or spray. Add up to 10% water when spraying. Stir the contents thoroughly before use. Use a 2.5 to 3 mm nozzle.
  • When installing new wood, make sure there is no dust on the surface. If you want to impregnate / pickle wood first, we recommend using water-based Sikkens stains. First you need to apply HWAP PRIMER to CEDAR wood.
  • HW02E must be overcoated with a protective top coat, one coat from the inside and 2 coats if the wood is outside.

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