Fireproof silicone Promat-SYSTEMGLAS

Manufacturer: Promat

Promat-SYSTEMGLAS silicone is ready for use, elastic unicomponent sealing material, which is absorbed on a surface in a pH-neutra condition. Elastic sealing material forms as a result of vulcanizing, which is started as a reaction to humidity. Promat-SYSTEMGLAS silicone is universal, due to easy processing and high-quality surface traction.

Fireproof silicone Promat-SYSTEMGLAS

Fields of application: Fireproof silicone Promat-SYSTEMGLAS - it is a universal silicone material which can be used with all kinds of fire-resistant Promat glass, especially for silicone joints in system constructions of PROMAGLAS. Noncombustible -A1.

Ordering fireproof silicone Promat-SYSTEMGLAS, ask for technical materials!

  • Name: Fireproof silicone Promat-SYSTEMGLAS, transparent (1)
  • Delivery: tube
  • Quantity in a tube: 310 ml
  • Pieces in package (2): 12 tubes / box
  • Product number: 4039958

(1)Does not contain fungicide, can be ordered both in black, and grey color

(2)Material is supplied only in the kit.

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