Fire stopping acrylic sealant PROMASEAL-A

Manufacturer: Promat
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Unicomponent fireproof sealant PROMASEAL® - A on an acrylic basis. It can easy and effortlessly, quickly and safe seal the joints of fire resistive constructions. It is durable due to high cohesiveness. The sealed joints can be painted.

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Fireproof acrylic sealant PROMASEAL-A

Technical specifications and Characteristics:

  • Color - white/gray
  • Contents: paste
  • Density: wet: 1.6 + 0.2 g/cm3
  • dry: 1.8 + 0.2 g/cm3
  • Dry solids content: 86 + 5 wt%
  • Expansion pressure: approximately 15%
  • Minimum compression 15%
  • Category of use: category Y1

Field of applicationss:

PROMASEAL® - A fireproof sealer for joints, connections and cracks in fire-resistant constructions with maximum elasticity of 7,5%.

PROMASEAL® - A can be used as a sealant for malformed constructions and joint sealing in structures, it serves for long-term isolation.

System advantages / advantage for the client:

  • It can be painted;
  • Good adhesion to various surfaces;

Certificates / confirmations:

  • EN 1366-3/4
  • EN 13501-1/2
  • ETAG 026-2


  • 310 ml tube
  • 12 tubes/ box
  • 1200 tubes/pallet

Requirements of storage:

  • To store in a dry and cool place: 3°C-35°C
  • In original packing the expiration date is not less than 12 months

Safety directive:

Please, request additional information on safety.

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