Mercor Tecsel® foam, fire resistance up to 240min

Tecsel® Foam are intumescent sealants that are specially designed for joints in building construction and door frames, as well as small gaps in firebreak material.

When exposed to fire, Tecsel® Foam expands, preventing the spread of gases and limiting the increase of temperature through the various compartments of the building.

Fire resistence achieved depends on the size of the joint and the characteristics of the gaps to seal.


  • Standard :UNE EN 1366-4
  • Laboratory :CIDEMCO TECNALIA
  • Test Nº :26445-6


Tecsel® Foam has an excellent adherence to the majority of commonly used building materials. Do not use on PP and PE.

Before application, make sure that the substrate is clean. If the surface requires cleaning, only non-organic solvents can be used. It is advisable to dampen the supporting structure before application as this improves adherence and drying.

Before application, place the adaptor in the valve and shake the aerosol for 20 seconds. Hold the container upside down and apply.

Tecsel® Foam can be applied to joints, gaps and opening on:

  • Window and door frames.
  • Cable, trays and duct penetrations.
  • Joints between ceilings and walls.
  • Filling between building elements.
  • Thermal insulation in cavity walls.

If necessary, remove the foam with acetone or similar. The application temperature is between 5 ºC and 35 ºC.

Excess of product can be removed mechanically.

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