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Fire resistant intumescent tape LFS WRAP

Manufacturer: Latakva Fire Service
Model: LFS WRAP EI120
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The roll of the fire protection intumescent wrap LFS WRAP comes in the following dimensions: thickness is 2,5 mm; width is 5 cm; length is 2,15 m. The wrap is suitable for pipes with any diameter.

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Fields of application:

LFS WRAP EI120 is designed to use in the steel, iron or copper pipes and also, in the air ventilation ducts which are made from the steel plates with fire fighting insulation. The wrap can be used as a seal in the fire rated walls and partitions with the fire resistance capacity EI 120.

Fire resistance capacity: EI120

Conform to: EN 13501-2:2007+A1:2009

Technical specifications:

The fire protection intumescent wrap LFS WRAP can be applied as an insulation material for pipes which core is made from the synthetic rubber: AF/сmaflex, HT/сmaflex, NH/сmaflex, Kaiflex HT, Kaiflex KK, Mondoflex H, HATE-FLEX HT, Optiflex, Concept HT or analogs.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • The roll of the fire protection wrap LFS WRAP may be used for insulation of any fire resistant pipes of any diameter or for insulation of air ventilation ducts, which are made from the sheet metal.
  • Apply two layers of the fire protection material around the insulation of the fire resistant pipe which is installed in the wall or ceiling or apply five layers of it around pipe so that 5 mm of the tape should be left outside.
  • Fire protection wraps are designed to be used around fire resistant pipes of different diameters or for insulation of the regular pipes or flammable pipes, which are made from sheet metal and with diameter of up to 110 mm

General instructions:

In the event of fire the insulation of the fire resistant steel, copper or iron pipes, which are passing through the walls or ceiling, can be burned or melted and those creating apertures between pipes and structures. Fire and smoke is spreading through the apertures to other neighboring compartments.

Preventing of fire spread:

  • Apply two layers of the LFS WRAP to both sides of the insulation of the pipe which is located in the fire resistant walls or ceiling and 5 mm of the tape should be left outside.
  • In fire conditions, the tape is rapidly expanded and foamed until the aperture is completely sealed.
  • The application of LFS WRAP onto the flammable pipes (PVC, PE, PP, REX, etc.) is similar only applying 5 layers of the LFS WRAP, leaving 5 mm of the tape outside and tightening layers with the plastic clip.
  • PROMAT coating is used for sealing gaps around tape or fire resistant mix PROMASTOP® mG III is applied for sealing in the monolithic walls.

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