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Fire resistant tape Multitube (30m roll - 100mm x 4,8mm)


  • Fire resistance class: up to EI 120 C/U,UC,C/C
  • Color: dark graphite
  • Environmental class: Z1,Z2
  • Storage temperature range: from + 5 °C to +35 °C
  • Shelf life, to application with no limit: no limit, recommended no longer than 24 months
  • Cammercial package: 30 m roll form
  • Linear dimensions (thk x W): (4,8) x 100 mm

Multitube Wrap is designed to make the fireproof penetration seals through the walls or floors through which passes flammable pipes or non flammable pipes insulated with combustible syntethic foam type FEF (Kaflex or Armaflex) pass. It can also be used to seal the cable bundles passing through the walls or floors.

  • Technical Approval: ETA-15/0511
  • CE Mark: 1488-CPR-0529/W
  • Hygienic Certyficate: HK/B/027/01/2014
  • Declaration od Confirmity: Nr CARBO/008 17-10-2016


  • Install the pipe.
  • Prepare the Multitube Wrap to assembly. Number of wraps and the total thickness of tapes necessary to achieve the desired fire resistance is given in the table in the ETA 15/0511 or or in the tables given in the following catalog.
  • Wrap the tube with Multitube Wrap. The wraps supposed to be wound on each other to produce a combined required thickness in one or two rows always next to each other. Two rows are used when the required width is 120 mm and we have a wrap with a width of 60 mm.
  • Wounded wrap slide into the hole so as to be located symmetrically in the middle of the width of the wall. In order to protect the wrap from unwinding or slipping out, wrap should be stabilized with electric, elastic band used for the installation electrical cables or other adhesive tape.
  • Mark the made penetration seal to the pipe with the filled information imprint supplied together with each drum.

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