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CarboCollar CC fire protective Collar (D135)

Technical documentation

Application: Plastic pipe
Application: Metal pipe, with combustible insulation


  • Fire resistance class: up to EI 120 U/C, up to EI 120 C/U
  • Environmental class: Z1, Z2 
  • Storage temperature range: up to +5°C, up to +35°C
  • Application life: Unlimited; however, best before 24 months
  • Commercial packaging: 1 piece


The CarboCollar CC collars comprise from one to a few layers of swellable inserts, made on the basis of graphite, placed in an external cover. In the collars with diameter larger than 160 mm the swellable insert may by protected additionally with a woven, cotton net.

The steel cover of the collar is provided with a clamp (used to fasten the collar ends and stabilizing it on a tube) and with assembly handles with holes, through which expanding connectors are put fixing the collar to the partition. The number of the assembly handles is adapted to the collar size.

The collars are delivered as finished products, without expansion joints. The collar is placed around the pipe, closed and then fixed to the partition wall with connectors, the number of which depends on the diameter of the collar

  • European Technical Approval: ETA-16/0189
  • Certificate of Constancy of Performance: 1488-CPR-0579/W
  • European Declaration of Conformity: CARBO/009-21-12-2016


  • Install the pipe
  • Check that the floor surface around the pipe is flat and free from unevenness, if necessary smooth it out with the Flame Cable Paste A, then remove the collar cotter pin and apply it to the pipe. 
  • Pull the cotter pin through the hole and draw it 180° to secure it. 
  • Attach the whole collar to the wall or ceiling using wall screws or metal expanding anchors (carton-plaster boards). Do not use expansion plugs with plastic components
  • Any gap between the collar and the wall opening must be: - Filled using the Flame Cabel Paste A up to 5 mm, - Filled using the cement mortar above 5 mm
  • Mark the doorway with the information badge attached to the CarboCollar CC collar

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