Fire resistant glass PROMAGLAS 60 (EUR/m2)

Note: PROMAGLAS 60 is supplied as a ready to install so that it is not to be cut, trimmed or processed.

Upon ordering PROMAGLAS 60, please, request a full description of terms and conditions of delivery, transportation, storage and installation!

  • Type: 1-0;


  • Name: Standard;
  • Structure: Monolith;
  • Fields of application: for interior works, do not expose product to the direct sunlight;
  • Thickness: 21 mm;
  • Weight: 47 kg/m2;
  • Assortment article number: 488 100

Upon request, we provide information of other types of glasses and specific solutions, and also, inform on glasses with the additional safety options, for examples, impact safety glasses or bullet-resistant glasses.

The minimal dimension for calculation: Type 1, Type 2-...: 0,30 m2/glass

Type 3-...: 0,50 m2/glass

Prices: When we deliver PROMAGLAS from our warehouse to the destination place, we will insure PROMAGLAS from potential damages and cracks, which may occur during transportation. We pay 2% from the cost of goods as an insurance premium and this sum does not include into the bill.

The price does not include VAT and the value added tax will be indicated in the bill.

Package: PROMAGLAS is packed in the boxes. Upon our consideration, the goods may be packed in disposable or reusable racks. If the client wants a special additional package for the good, the cost of this additional package will be calculated and billed separately.

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