Fireproof glass door, steel frame (Double doors)

Manufacturer: Promat
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Passive and active door leaves and prefabricated steel frame of the doors T 30-2 are supplied separately and installed at the site.

Price on request

*Product description is based on information provided by the manufacturer about the product. The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. In accordance with certain modifications from the manufacturer changes may be made in the description of the product or its parameters.

The fire resistant glass PROMAGLAS® EI30, Type 1-0 is delivered separately for glazing at the site. You can see details of the delivery set in the respective technical specifications.

Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS-The set does not include silicone, which is ordered separately.

Ready for installation system doors PROMAGLAS® can be installed into the major fire rated glass constructions Nr. 485.31 and 485.33 (general construction permit Nr. Z-19.14-578 and Nr. Z-19.14-1031). It is mandatory to observe the respective construction permit during installation and assembling of doors, door hardware and door accessories.

PROMAGLAS®-System door T 30-2 (Standard set), EI 30, 485.36

Price:1750 mm x 2250 mm (Internal size:1740 mm x 2245 mm) – from 5296.00 EUR

Technical specifications T 30-2


  • Galvanized and primed surface, all construction elements are coated against corrosion;
  • Hollow frames, screws, hinges and door leaves (packed together);
  • The door leaf, hinges from one side, from other sides are welded and screwed to the bearing profile;
  • Rough floor 50 mm;
  • Screwed corner floor profile;
Fittings are supplied separately:
  • Deadlock, cylinder 40 mm, installed with profile (1 pcs);
  • Locking plate (installed, 1 pcs);
  • LM-hinges “Dr. Hahn Nr. 8393/S”, E6/EV-1, 3-parts (4 pieces);
  • Bearing bolts (2 pcs);
  • Lightweight metallic handle, screwed (1 piece);
  • Overhead closer “GEZE TS 4000 » (tooth gear with railed closer is tracked by invisible controller of closure process, 1 pcs);
  • Sealing tapes, glazing in accordance with the respective construction permit;
  • PROMASEAL®-PL PVC black, in accordance with permit;
  • Hard wood studs (by five pieces of the following sizes 2mm, 3mm and 4mm);
  • Frame rivets “Fischer S10H 100R” (8 pieces);
  • Panels for connections to the walls (supplied as fixed to the frame, 8 pieces);
  • Separate connections U-shaped (12 pieces, only for connection of the side threshold, fixed by rivets and screws);
  • Round-cylinder screws m5 x 16 (24 pieces);
  • Concealed screws m5 x 10 (4 pieces);
  • Installation manual for system doors PROMAGLAS® T 30-1 and 30-2;
  • General construction permit Nr. Z-6.12-1493;
  • Labeling plate;

PROMAGLAS® 30, Type 1-0,Glazing is made at the installation site

Official resolutions: T 30-2; The German institute of construction equipment (Berlin) GCP (general construction permit) Nr. Z-6.12-1493

RS-1: ABP (General confirmation of construction permit) Nr. P-12000825-02 mPA NRW

PROMAGLAS®-System door T 30-2 · Standard set:

  • Dimension of the module (BRM), maximum width and height: 1750 mm x 2250 mm; 2000 mm x 2250 mm; 2250 mm x 2250 mm; 2500 mm x 2250 mm;
  • Outside dimension of the frame, maximum width and height: 1740 mm x 2245 mm; 1990 mm x 2245 mm; 2240 mm x 2245 mm; 2490 mm x 2245 mm;
  • Goods numbers: 495 210; 495 220; 495 230; 495 240;

PROMAGLAS®-System door T 30-2 · Ancillary equipment :

Labeling - goods numbers:

  • Smoke detector GEZE RSZ 5 (Smoke alarm with the door hardware to open and close doors automatically in the event of smoke occurs) - 495 560;
  • Smoke alarm GEZE RS/5 - 495 520;
  • Grounding seal (for each sheet) - 495 505;
  • Horizontal crossbar (for each sheet) - 495 540;
  • Side details (please, send us a scheme with dimensions) -;

Individual set - on request

Top quality steel with powder coating and also additional information on dimensions are provided on request.

Other closers, electronic closers, magnetic contacts, anti-panic functions, automatic locks, access control, burglary alarm, electric strike and type PROMAGLAS® 30 are on request.

Hollow steel profiles and other accessories are billed separately “Accessories PROMAGLAS® for system constructions”.

We insure PROMAGLAS® 30 against any damages, which may occur during transportation to the customer. We are responsible for payment 2% of insurance premium and such a payment is not included into the bill.


PROMAGLAS® packed in boxes.

The cost of the additional package will be indicated in the bill, if the additional package is to be required for the safe transportation or for the protection of the goods.

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