Fireproof glass door, light stainless steel frame (Double doors, embeddable in the glass wall)

Manufacturer: Promat
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The doors SYSTEMGLAS®-SR- offer not only the effective and optimal fire protection but also maximum visibility and width of passage. The fine structure of the construction provides unlimited opportunities for architectural solutions.

Price on request

*Product description is based on information provided by the manufacturer about the product. The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. In accordance with certain modifications from the manufacturer changes may be made in the description of the product or its parameters.

In general, if the doors are closed, they are not differed from the traditional glass doors without fire resistance capacity.

SYSTEMGLAS®-SR-T30-2 glass door with steel corner or regular frame may be supplied; For delivery set, please, have a look below. The information on accessories and hardware of the doors and prices of the doors of different sizes can be provided on request.

These doors are suitable for use in the frameless fire proof glass walls in accordance with DIN 4102, 4.part.

SYSTEMGLAS®-SR-T30-2, EI 30, 485.66

Price: 1375 mm x 2250 mm (Internal size: 1241 mm x 2218 mm) – from 7 643.00 EUR

Equipment SR-T30-2

Fully fabricated fire door set:

  • Framed leaves are manufactured from the stainless steel V2A, polished, porosity 240;
  • Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS 30, Type 1-0, installed into the framed leaves;
  • Glass joints are sealed with Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS-Silicone, black;
  • Sleeve dowel from V2A, polished, porosity 240;
  • Lock covered by V2A, polished, porosity 240;
  • Steel hinges, primed;
  • Bottom hinges are covered by V2A, polished, porosity 240, to be supplied separately;
  • Steel welded protective bolts;
  • Locking clamp and overhead closer mechanism are covered by V2A, polished, porosity 240, specifically used ECO Multi-Genius SR for door closer;
  • PROMASEAL®-PL - Strips, black, stuck on sides and upper side;
  • Mortise latch with cylinder and V2A insert specifically used for prefabricated cylinders, deadlock;
  • U-shaped handle, synthetic, black, round;
  • Door closer ECO Multi-Genius SR;
  • Combined coating for hinges, closer and regulating mechanism of closer from V2A, polished, porosity 240;
  • Bedplate profile 35 mm from V2A, polished, porosity 240, specifically prepared for tighten floor;


  • Corner or standard frame (width of the holes ≤ 145 mm) are from fireproof galvanized sheet metal (d = 2 mm), primed;
  • Width 30 mm;
  • Depth of recess 46 mm;
  • Three-sided fire resistant sealing, to be supplied separately;
  • Grounding into the floor 30 mm;
  • Welded floor support (primed steel);
  • Welded console of the top hinge (primed steel);
  • Installation of the overhead closure on the rail;
  • Covering of the holes of bolts with waterproof solution;
  • Welded anchors of the frame (3 from each side);
  • Locking of the passive leaf with locking of the ECO-Dual, frame mounted, protection of the lock, galvanized;


  • Permit from the building supervision body, installation manual, labeling panel;

Official resolutions: SR-T30-2; The German institute of construction equipment (Berlin) GCP (general construction permit) Nr. Z-6.12-1730

RS-2: ABP (General confirmation of construction permit) Nr. P-3784/9093-MPA BS


  • Dimension of the module (BRM), maximum width and height: 1375 mm x 2250 mm; 1500 mm x 2250 mm; 1750 mm x 2250 mm; 2000 mm x 2250 mm; 2250 mm x 2250 mm; 2500 mm x 2250 mm;
  • Size of the free passage (LDM), maximum width and height (openings approximately 120°): 1241 mm x 2218 mm; 1366 mm x 2218 mm; 1616 mm x 2218 mm; 1866 mm x 2218 mm; 2148 mm x 2218 mm; 2341 mm x 2218 mm;
  • Door with corner frame, goods numbers: 496 510; 496 520; 496 530; 496 540; 496 550; 496 560;
  • Door with standard frame (width of the holes ≤ 145 mm), goods numbers: 496 515; 496 525; 496 535; 496 545; 496 555; 496 565;

(*) Equipment is similar to T 30-2, in addition connecting security glass d =16 mm without fire safety requirements for framed leaves is installed.

SYSTEMGLAS®T30-2 Ancillary equipment

Labeling - goods numbers:

  • Bedplate profile 17 mm, without floor sealing - 496 600;
  • Grounded floor sealing - 496 605;
  • Passive leaf mounted overhead closer on the rail with electronic locking and separate smoke alarm (V2A coating) - 496 610;
  • Bottom closer, equipped with regulator of closing DORMA BTS 80 BSR, separate coating of the upper leaf - 496 615;
  • Bottom closer, equipped with regulator of closing and active leaf mounted hydraulic locking mechanism DORMA BTS 80 BSR EMB 1 (smoke alarm is required), separate coating of the upper leaf - 496 620;
  • Bottom closer, equipped with regulator of closing and hydraulic locking for both leaf DORMA BTS 80 BSR EMB 2 (smoke alarm is required), separate coating of the upper leaf - 496 625;
  • Bottom closer, equipped with regulator of closing and hydraulically active leaf with function of motion DORMA BTS 80 BSR FLB 1 G (smoke alarm is required), separate coating of the upper leaf - 496 630;
  • Smoke alarm, silver color - 496 635;
  • Lock in the active leaf with anti-panic function - 496 640;
  • Handles from stainless steel - 496 645;
  • Double frame - 496 650;
  • Frame from stainless steel (depended on sizes) - 496 655;
  • Asymmetric door leaves - 496 660;
  • Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS with one-side protection from the ultraviolet rays - 496 500;
  • Door handing 180° -;
  • Frame options without threshold, without grounding into the floor -;

Nonstandard models, customer tailored dimensions, other individual orders, electronic parts, and individual frames can be ordered on request. The doors without fire protection or without smoke protection are available on request.


The cost of the additional package will be indicated in the bill, if the additional package is to be required for the safe transportation or for the protection of the goods.

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