Steel fire entry door EI30

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Fire-resistant steel entrance doors with a double-sided laminit EI30, are equipped with burglar-proof system

*Product description is based on information provided by the manufacturer about the product. The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. In accordance with certain modifications from the manufacturer changes may be made in the description of the product or its parameters.

Main requirements to steel entrance doors: Entrance doors can be used for exit outside or inside as room doors.

The producer of entrance doors has improved the following operational properties:

  • High resistance against mechanical break-in and invasion;
  • High structural endurance and clearness, which excludes any kind of deformation or dents of door blocks;
  • Good sound and thermal insulation (basalt cotton wool, polyurethane spline).
  • The possibility of easy access to retention components is eliminated;
  • It is impossible to remove from Door hinges;
  • High endurance locks;
  • Resilience against external mechanical door damages.

Description of the construction: Metal doors are ideal for installation and operation inside buildings. The special technology of installation provides strong connection of a frame with a door and a wall. Solid metal construction is strengthened by resistant firm edges. Excellent sound and thermal insulation is provided due to the high density of stone wool which fills central holes of doors. Decorative panels from laminit are mounted on metal doors, giving additional isolation from noise and high esthetic qualities. This structure provides the small weight of doors and weighs no more than 80 kg. It ensures easy and safe installation, operation and maintenance of doors.

Maximum reliability: The entrance metal door is equipped with a cylindrical spider lock ROMC5-J. The multichannel door blocking system provides reliable fixing with 11 pins steadily moving back and forward, that guarantee door blocking of the 4th level. Reliable protection is reached by installation of a link. There is an additional lock - Romus ROM12D10-J on the top part of a door. The offer includes the main product WW-3 with improved isolation qualities and a wide range of decorative panels made of laminit. The advantage of laminated panels is that they can be replaced in case of damage. The general thickness of all elements of a door cloth is 7 cm.

Attention! Specify the direction of door opening when ordering a door

Entrance doors for apartments, have a 3/C class of antibreaking, with a double laminit and nature tree décor (according to a sample).

The certified multipunctate main key works together with the lower lock.

Open lock "In a firm chain." Peephole. Angular jambs made of zinced steel are painted according to RAL 8017.

Accessories in a silver color, two adjustable sealants on perimeter.

  • Main sizes: 970x2030 mm; 900x2020 mm. Price - 429.55EUR (incl. VAT)
  • Extra charge for a technical frame (the size of a leaf in a wall is 1040X2100 mm) - 35.00EUR (incl. VAT)
  • Extra charge for an additional lock with a solid chain - 35.00EUR (incl. VAT)
  • Extra charge for fire resistance EI 30 - 35.00EUR (incl. VAT)
  • Extra charge for a wooden threshold with a color decor - 30.00EUR (incl. VAT)
  • Extra charge for an acoustic isolation 42dB - 35.00EUR (incl. VAT)

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