DP2 Fire-Rated steel doors EI30 (1000 mm x 2100 mm, internal / external doors)

Technical documentation


  • Width: min 750mm - max 1100mm
  • Height: min 1750 mm - max 2100 mm

* Doorway size +1,5 cm on both sides, + 2 cm in height

A frame of a door from the galvanized steel with thickness of 1,5 mm, with filling stone wool. The door is equipped with self-closing hinges, that makes it unnecessary to install a door closer. Also equipped with anti-detachable pins. The door have lock and handle, made of stainless steel, cylinder: key-key or key-knob according to customer's request.

The design of the door is by default a non-threshold, which makes it convenient to use it in rooms where wheeled loading devices work. For smokeproof door need add threshold, or falling threshold. It is possible to make doors blind or glazed. For Glazed door it is recommended use device to facilitate door close-opening, for reducing shock vibration on glass. The door is painted with polymer paint. Type of surface shagreen. All standard colors do not affect the cost. For additional payment, it is possible to paint in gloss or not standard colors.

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