Fire Rated Wall Tecbor® A 10+10 EI-180 partition


  1. Tecbor® A 10 mm boards.
  2. 70x36x0,6 mm double stud H-shaped.
  3. 60 mm (30+30) and 100 Kg/m3 density rock wool.
  4. 73x30x0,5 mm metal runner.
  5. 3,5x35 mm self-tapping.
  6. M6 metal plug.
  7. Tecbor® joint paste.


  • Standard :UNE EN 1364-1
  • Laboratory :CIDEMCO
  • Test Nº :16876-1/-2 M1

Non-structural walls, which separate fire areas, should be fire resistant as stipulated in standard EN 1364-1.

When in fire resistance tests for non-structural elements one edge is left free (Part 1: Walls), the standard allows increasing the width.

With regard to increasing the height, the standard is clear and precise. When the test is run at least at 3 metres high, it may be increased up to 4 metres.

Very often, internal partitions are higher than 4 metres. mercor tecresa® have been the first to develop large partitions and offers the most efficient and convenient solution for this type of works.

Besides, penetrations produced between different fire sectors must be sealed off; for example, in the case of services crossing. Check the Tecsel® Sealing System catalogue to find the most suitable solution.

Description of assembly

  • Fix 73x30x0.5 mm runners with M6 metal plug every 250-300 mm. Finish off the metal structure with 70x36x0.5 mm double studs arranged in “H” position with a 610 mm inter-axial distance.
  • Place rock wool panels between studs. Then fix the two layers of Tecbor® A 10 mm boards to both sides with 3.5x35 mm selftapping screws every 200-250 mm, overlapping boards of each layer.
  • Finally, cover board joints and screw heads with Tecbor® joint paste.

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