Protection of suspended ceilings and partitions

Fireproof suspended ceiling TECBOR® A 15+15 – El-120


  1. Tecbor® A 15 mm boards.
  2. 3,5x45 mm self-tapping screw.
  3. Metal sheet e=0,6 mm.
  4. Steel grip for TC 60/27.
  5. M6 threaded rod.
  6. “Sinard” type clamp.
  7. TC 60/27.
  8. Steel grip TC 60/27.
  9. 73x30x0,5 mm runner.
  10. 10x100 mm metal plug.
  11. IPE-140 metal profi le.


  • Standard: EN 1365-2
  • Laboratory: APPLUS
  • Test No: 10/1483-1010

Fireproof suspended ceilings are used mainly in two specific cases.

  • The first case is to isolate different fire sectors vertically. This action helps restrain fire to its starting point and avoids its propagation to other areas. This solution is highly useful in the case of high-rises since partial sector division might cause the fire to spread easily causing serious problems during evacuation.
  • The second case is to protect the various objects found above the ceiling; for example, installations, structures, slabs, etc. According to our requirements, we shall use either application. Our solutions have been tested when fire strikes from below.

Description of assembly

Fix 73x30x0.5 mm runners with 10x100 mm plugs every 500 mm approximately around the ceiling’s perimeter. Then install TC 60/27 profiles at a distance of 610 mm between axes placing such sections crosswise through a Steel grip for TC 60/27 forming 610x610 mm frames. Using the steel grip, the M6 rod and the clamps, fix the structure to the one supporting the ceiling.

Attach both Tecbor® A 15 mm board layers with 3.5x45 mm selftapping screws. Then alternate the second Tecbor® A board with the first one.

Use Tecbor® A 15 mm to finish off the assembly with a 150 mm wide base-board around the perimeter.

Distance between screws will be approximately 250-300 mm. Screw heads and inter-board joints will be covered with Tecbor® joint paste.

On top of the suspended ceiling and the IPE 160 metal profiles a 0.6 mm thick ribbed sheet was placed at 550 mm.

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