Important information!!! Store work rules during the period from December 19


SIA Latakva Fire Service informs that from December 19:

  • Distance selling is in progress (ordering goods by phone or ordering by e-mail). Delivery of goods by courier or parcel machines, and you can also pick up goods at 156 Maskavas Street, Riga.
  • Wholesale trade (goods needed both for retail stores and for economic activities, construction, production, etc.). Delivery of goods by courier or parcel machines, and you can also pick up goods at 156 Maskavas Street, Riga.

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!!!! ATTENTION !!!!

  • Both visitors and staff must wear masks when receiving goods.
  • When receiving the product, a physical distance of 2 meters must be observed,
  • The allowed number of people at the outlet is 3 people.
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Application of the Fire valves

The fire valve is used in the event of the fire with the equipment of the indoor firefighting water supply system. The fire hydrant provides access to a water supply for the purpose of fighting fires. Each indoor hydrant has one or more outlets to which a discharge fire hose may be connected.

The fire hydrant and valves are the key and most important elements of the indoor firefighting equipment so that any faulty may cause tragic consequences.

The fire valves can be used in the water fire pump, hydrants or within the central system of water supply as the lock valves. The fire valves are used to open water flow for firefighting.

Fire safety requirements to the fire indoor hydrants 

Production of the fire hydrants must be in a full compliance with standards set by the fire safety regulations.

The construction of the fire valves must be strong, durable and reliable so bronze or brass alloys or ductile iron is served as the raw material for production of the hydrant.

The valve is usually used within the range of temperature from +5 to +70C°. The indoor hydrant must operate at nominal pressures of 16 kgs /sm2.

The valve outlets should mate with fire hose couplings and vary from 25 mm to 66 mm.

The fire valves are produced with external or internal threads with the possibility to attach any special equipment. For direct connection with discharge fire hose the fire hydrant has threaded type of connection.


The indoor firefighting water supply system is not always conveniently located. It is the reason why fire valves are produced with different types of installation:

  • Straight;
  • Angular – angle is 125°;
  • Angular – angle is 90°.

During installation of the fire valve it is mandatory not to orient the balance wheel downwards!

Price and additional information

If you have questions or you would like to order the fire valve, call us by +371 27249249 or write us and we will contact you shortly!

Our managers are ready to assist you in making the right choice of the product and in providing any technical consultation.