Fire Protection equipment

Fire and evacuation external ladders


  • 1. Design, manufacture and installation of external open fire ladders with and without safety fencing

    Price : on request
  • 2. Design, production and installation of folding vertical evacuation ladder "EVAKAP"

    Price : on request

Types of scaling-ladders and evacuation outside stairs

Our company manufactures scaling-ladders and evacuation exterior stairs in strict accordance with existing regulations. We offer the following range of stairs and ladders with various designs:

  • Vertical;
  • Flight stairs, such as ladders;
  • Flight stairs with one stairwell
  • Flight multi-span stairs;
  • Type "EVAKAP", with a folding vertical composition.

Production of external staircases

Developed own engineering and technical base along with equipment of high quality allows us to not only manufacture and sell fire and evacuation exterior stairs, but also provide a full range of services:

  • Design,
  • Production,
  • Installation,
  • Maintenance,
  • Inspections and required tests.

All metal construction of fire ladders manufactured by our company have exceptional plant quality, which is the best guarantee of long life.

Our manufacture is equipped with the most modern equipment and tools such as hydraulic presses, mechanical benders, shears, welding machines, plasma cutting machines, paint lines and the galvanizing bathes.

You can always order and purchase both standard constructions in accordance with all-Union State Standard and outdoor stairs with improved design.

Installation of fire-escape

Skilled workers and specialists of our company are able to carry out the installation of all types of fire and evacuation outdoor stairs in the shortest possible time. Besides, we can additionally offer sheds, fences or railings for them.

On request, we are ready to produce the protective enamel, powder or zinc coating.

Maintenance of fire-escapes and evacuation stairs

We provide a full range of technical services, including:

  • Mandatory tests both prior to commissioning and after five years of operation;
  • Annual additional checks and detailed inspections for compliance with existing safety regulations;
  • Necessary repairs.

According to the results of inspections and maintenance, you will be issued a special certificate of conformance of your fire and external evacuation stairs to the regulations in force.

Price and additional information

If you have questions or you would like to order maintenance of fire-escapes or evacuation stairs, call us by +371 27249249 or write us and we will contact you shortly!

Our managers are ready to assist you in making the right choice of the service and in providing any technical consultation.