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Services for cleaning of mechanical forced ventilation


  • 1. Examination, video inspection and preparation of proposal for cleaning of mechanical ventilation

    Price: 150.00 EUR
  • 2. Cleaning and testing of mechanical forced ventilation systems with the drawing up of a certificate

    Price: 100.00 EUR
  • 3. Inspection of results of mechanical forced ventilation

    Price : on request


Complex of works on cleaning of mechanical forced ventilation

Ventilation systems, which are not cleaned on a regular basis, over time, become one of the most essential factors of fire hazard. Concentrations of dust and dirt are not only sources of possible ignition, but they are also the cause rapid flame spreading through ducts to adjacent rooms, increasing the fire hazard throughout the building.

Our company offers services for cleaning of mechanical forced ventilations, which include:

  • Visual inspection,
  • Examination using special video equipment,
  • Performing all necessary measures for cleaning ducts,
  • Drawing up appropriate acts.

How to clean ventilation systems

Only trained personnel perform cleaning of mechanical forced ventilation, and the process itself is carried out in at least three steps:

  • The visual examination of dirt accumulation in air ducts. For this purpose, we use both simple visual inspection, removing hatches and ventilation grids, and special video inspection with cameras.
  • According to the results of the examination, we make a plan and choose a cleaning method, which, in turn, can be implemented in several ways (Mechanically, With the use of chemical reagents, Wet method, Using cryogenic)
  • In the end, we perform complete disinfection of all air ducts with the help of special disinfectants. Depending on the purpose of the room, where cleaning is carried out, various means for disinfection can be used.

Why it is necessary to clean ventilation systems on a regular basis?

It is recommended to clean mechanical forced ventilations twice a year, because otherwise, the rejection of maintenance can lead not only to decrease in its functionality and occurrence of harmful microorganisms, but it also increases the risk of ignition and spread of fire. After all, a little spark is enough to cause ignition in dusty walls of air ducts, and airflows at high speed will subsequently spread the fire throughout the building.

Price and additional information

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