Fire Protection equipment

Grounding system and lightning protection devices


  • 1. Checking the lightning protection and grounding system

    Price: 35.57 EUR
  • 2. Design, repair and installation as well as commissioning of lightning protection systems

    Price : on request
  • 3. Grounding checking with protocol

    Price : on request
  • 4. Checking the contact elements of electrical installations with a thermal chamber

    Price : on request

Basic works on the installation of lightning protection and grounding systems

Grounding and lightning protection devices are the essential parts of normal operation of buildings and structures during hazardous weather conditions.

We offer the full range of works on the installation of lightning protection and grounding systems, which includes the following main and additional services:

  • Complete project support,
  • Installation and commissioning on a turnkey basis,
  • Maintenance and repair,
  • Checking the circuits of lightning protection and grounding systems,
  • Checking the contacts with heat chambers using electrical installation method.

Project support

To complete the project documentation on lightning protection of buildings and structures, it is necessary:

  • To perform a complex facility examination;
  • To develop the task for project designers, according to the initial data and technical conditions;
  • To develop the basic drawings, including the elements of lightning protection systems applied to the plans of buildings and structures;
  • To make the necessary technical calculations to determine the number of lightning receivers and their basic dimensions;
  • Perform technological drawings for each node of the lightning protection system.

After the release of the project documentation, all necessary project approvals are made both with the customer service and with the interested state organizations.

Installation of lightning protection systems

Installation works will consist of several stages:

  • First, installation of all lightning interception rods and ground wires in accordance with the design documentation;
  • Than interception rods and ground wires are connected with down conductors and bus cables;
  • Mandatory elements of the Surge protection device are installed to ensure the removal of electrical impulses.

After the completion of all the installation works on lightning protection system, commissioning is carried out, including the preparation of all the required Operational Acceptance Certificates.

Checking of lightning protection and grounding systems

Grounding and lightning protection devices require periodic inspections, at least once a year. This is due to the important role of these devices in the fire safety system, as well as the constant impact of aggressive environmental factors.

Price and additional information

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