Foam fire extinguisher ABF 6 kg. (F class)

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Foam fire extinguisher is very easy to use. It is intended for extinguishing of solid substances and materials of organic origin, such as: wood, paper, textiles, etc., as well as such flammable and combustible liquids as: gasoline, oil, fats, spirits, etc., and gas in the early stages of a fire. It is suitable for extinguishing kitchen, dining and restaurant equipment, for example, frying pans and different kitchen appliances, along with fans and filters of these devices. The fire extinguisher is also effective against burning electrical appliances (at the initial stage of ignition) up to 1000 V, in case you apply this device from at least 1-meter distance.

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Technical documentation

Product code: 0426

Device type: GW-6xABF

Extinguishing classification: 21A 233B 75F

Description and functions of the device:

  • Solid steel cylinder, coated with all-weather UV paint.
  • The body of the device is covered inside with an anticorrosive layer.
  • The starting mechanism (valve) ensures accurate dosing of the extinguishing agent with brief supply of extinguishing agent to the fire zone.
  • The valve is equipped with a pressure gauge, which allows you to monitor the pressure in your fire extinguisher.
  • The device can be used repeatedly, after refilling at the service point for extinguishers.It comes in a pack with a wall fastening and a basis for placing on the floor.

User's guide: Friendly, reliable and efficient use.

A - For hard materials that generate carbon;

B - For flammable liquids;

F - For oils and fats.

Designation of fire resistance classes: A, B and F

The devices are designed to be mounted to the wall, using a suspension, in an upright position, at the height that provides a convenient removal. The devices can also be placed on the floor, in cabinets, in niches, etc.

In conformity with to the standard: PN-EN3-7 ir CE

Quality confirmation: CNBOP Nr.2298/2015

Manufacturer: Gaz-Tech sp. zo.o , Poland

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