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Automatic fire extinguisher APUA - 6X ABC

Model: APUA - 6X ABC
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The automatic fire extinguisher (APUA) with ABC powder has excellent knock-down properties. It is recommended for protecting houses and other building sites, especially unmanned or without constant surveillance.

The extinguisher is very effective in putting out fires of solids, flammable liquids and gas (wood, plastics, coal dust, paints, oils, switching stations).

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An important feature of SUG is an ampoule valve, which in sufficiently high temperature automatically discharges releasing the powder agent from the steel container.

SUG is very user-friendly and highly reliable.

The steel cylinder comes with its own mounting bracket which enables proper fitting of the device on the ceiling.

  • A - solids, producing glowing embers
  • B - flammable liquids
  • C – flammable gas

Available volumes: 6 kg of the ABC powder.

Operating temperature: 68°C (57°C, 79°C, 93°C, 141°C)

Fitting at the height of e.g. 3 m covers the field of action (circle diameter):

  • for APUA 6 kg – app. 9m,

The extinguisher is the most effective when located from 1,5m to 3 m from the source of fire.

Technical specification

  • Volume - 6 kg
  • Total weight - 8,4 kg
  • Diameter - 240 mm
  • Height - 330 mm
  • Material - stal
  • Working pressure - 15 bar
  • Discharging time - 8 sec.

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