Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers 2 kg

Manufacturer: REINOLDMAX
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Weight (CO2) (net): 2kg

Weight (gross): 6.28 kg

CO2 fire extinguishers are suitable for fires in electrical equipment, class B and is recognized for its non-damaging highly effective performance and cleanliness. CO2 fire extinguisher displaces oxygen and has a smothering effect on fire.

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Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are adapted to extinguish fires caused by electrical devices (servers, computers, switches, sound equipment, various mechanisms).

Extinguishing electrical installations up to 1000 V.

The extinguishing agent is completely dispersed in the air and leaves no traces.

This type of fire extinguisher can also be used to extinguish class B fires, flammable liquids or soluble materials (petrol, oil products, grease, varnish, tar, wax, ether, alcohol, etc.).

The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (OGUA) is filled with the extinguishing agent carbon dioxide (CO2).

This substance changes from a liquid state (in a cylinder) to a gaseous state (extinguishing).

This type of fire extinguisher is used at ambient temperatures not lower than -30 C and not higher than +60 C.

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