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Smoke detector PW-507S

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Smoke detector PW-507S. Smoke detectors are designed to sense the products of combustion and alarm you on a smoke spread

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Requirements for installation and application:

  • Install smoke detector close to the center on the ceiling. If you cannot mount a detector close to the center of the ceiling, install it no close than 60 cm away from any corner of the premise.
  • If it is not possible to install the smoke detector on the ceiling, mount it on walls, 10-15 cm from the ceiling.
  • There are pitches, spires and two-level ceilings in many premises. In this case, smoke detectors should be installed within 0.9 m of the ceiling’s peak if measuring horizontally.
  • The test button is not allowed to use if there are no batteries in the detector.
  • To make sure that the smoke detector remains effective and work properly, it must be checked once a week using the test button.
  • You must never take the batteries out of the detector in order to stop alarm sounds. Open the window and ventilate the premise where the detector produces an audible alarm signal. When the smoke will be out of the premise, the detector stops signaling.
  • When the smoke detector produces an audible alarm signal, do not stand near the detector. The signal is so loud that it can wake you up in emergency situation. If you stand near smoke detector when it signals, you hearing ability may be negatively impaired.
  • Under normal operations, batteries are designed to remain effective for no less than 1 year. The smoke detector has a battery’s status indicator that produces warning signal when the battery must be replaced. The warning signal sounds with the interval 30-40 second no less than 7 days. When the indicator starts producing signals, replace the batteries.
  • In conformity with EN14604
  • Manufactured in China


Source of energy: 9V battery (set without battery)

Electrostatic charge: 6-12uA

Operating temperature range: -10oC ~40oC

Signal sound: ≥85dB/3m

Warranty: Two year

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