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Fire suit USP - 2

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Set of US-2W-w.s. type with an even thermal layer of insulation. This layer of thermal insulation comes undone from the front part of the jacket and trousers with a zip fastener. The sleeves of the jacket are made of elastic knitted aramid fabric, article-91027. There is a pocket on the left side of the jacket near the waist.

The set is equipped with built-in gray lines of reflective fabric and yellow fluorescent lines in the following places: on the jacket - in the chest area, on the sleeves, under the elbows; on trousers - in the knees area.

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Special form for fire extinguishing USP - 2is made of the following materials:

  • 100% cotton fabric - D10/2/150 N. The fabric is manufactured using CIBAGEIGY technologies;
  • Resistant to water and oil, protective waterproof cap made of polyester pleura 270 g/m2 surface weight
  • Thermal insulating material.

Complies with CE.

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