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Portable motor pump PH-ALFA is the newest model of fire pumps with a very small weight (just 84 kg), complete with a battery. Because of its weight and size, it is very easy to use. Two firefighters will be able to deliver it in the immediate vicinity of the fire, even in narrow and uneven places. The pump is equipped with one suction line. The frame is made of steel pipes. The PH-ALFA fire pump can be equipped with a fixed fuel tank or a removable plastic canister.


Maximum Flow: 2045 l/min.

Flow at 0,5 MPa: 1030 l/min.

Flow at 0,6 MPa: 8015 l/min.

Lifting height: 80 m

Maximum suction height: 8 m

Feed connections: Compound A110 (BSP4”/100 mm)

Feed connections: Compound B75 (BSP2,5”/65 mm)

Engine: Honda GX 630

Engine power: 15,5kW / 20,8 HP

Capacity of stationary fuel can: 11 l

The capacity of a separated (portable) fuel canister: 12 l

Fuel: Unleaded Petrol (BA 95)

Device Dimensions (L x W x H): 750 x 560 x 665 mm

Weight of additional canister: 1,6 kg

Weight (not filled): 79 kg

Nr. in the Catalog: vv 289-A with a built-in tank

Nr. in the Catalog: vv 289-B with a portable (separated) tank

When making an order, please indicate "Catalog No."

  • Professional two-cylinder, four-cycle OHV gasoline engine with air-cooling, with automatic speed control of the engine
  • High performance pump block
  • Anti-vibration equipment
  • Ergonomically designed frame
  • Electric starter
  • Provides full long-term load
  • Speed control
  • Gas vacuum pump
  • The flow chamber is equipped with a pressure gauge
  • The flow line is equipped with a ball valve
  • Oil level monitoring system
  • The design uses ceramic seals
  • Equipped with a lighting device
  • Working hour’s meter
  • The canister is equipped with a fuel meter
  • Bronze impeller for the pump

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