Fire Fighting Pump PH-ALFA 2 BS 23HP

Technical documentation

Benefits of the PH - ALFA 2 BS 23HP petrol-engine driven pump:

  • professional, two-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke OHV petrol engine with automatic mechanical speed control
  • powerful pump chamber
  • fixed mounted motor-pump assembly in one construction unit
  • anti-vibration mounting of the unit
  • robust, ergonomically designed tubular frame
  • electric and manual (recoil) starter
  • conventional fuel
  • allows long-term full load
  • speed control
  • gas vacuum pump
  • pressure gauge at the outlet of the chamber
  • ball valve at discharge port
  • ceramic mechanical seal
  • equipped with lighting
  • bronze impeller
  • service support

Device description and configuration:

Basic configuration

  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 23HP
  • Pump casing: high grade aluminium alloy (hydronal)
  • Pump cover: high grade aluminium alloy (hydronal)
  • Impeller: bronze
  • Frame: welded steel

The pump is fixed to the motor to form one unit. Therefore, it cannot be used separately. The motor shaft passes through the pump casing equipped with a seal. The pump housing has a cover with a suction port and two discharge ports with ball valves.

Never operate the pump without water as this may cause overheating leading to damage to the pump.

The roll bar frame is welded from steel tubes coated with paint finish. The device is provided with hinged handles for handling of the pump.

The fire fighting pump is provided with an electric as well with a manual (recoil) starter.

Warning: The pump must not be run in enclosed areas asthere is a danger of carbon oxide poisoning!!!

Main Specifications:

  • Max. flow: 2 054 l/min
  • Flow at 0,5 MPa: 1 109 l/min
  • Flow at 0,6 MPa: 908 l/min
  • Total head: 92 m
  • Max. suction depth: 8 m
  • Suction connection: Storz A110 (4")
  • Discharge connection: 2x Storz B75 (2,5")
  • Engine Briggs & Stratton: 23HP
  • Engine power: 17,2 kW / 23 HP / 3600 rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 8 l
  • Fuel unleaded petrol: (BA95)
  • Device dimensions: (L x W x H) 750 x 560 x 670 mm
  • Dry weight (empty): 80,6 kg
  • Weight (with full tanks): 92,5 kg

The data was measured by the accredited testing laboratory TÚPO No. 1011-2

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