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Diesel generator "Könner & Söhnen" KS 8100HDE-1/3 ATSR (EURO V)

Technical documentation

  • Voltage 230 V / 400 V
  • Max Power/Nominal Power, 230 V 5.5/5.0 kW
  • Max Power/Nominal Power, 400 V 6.5/6.0 kW
  • Engine power 14 HP
  • Accumulator 30 Ah
  • Output for ATS +
  • Preheater +
  • Engine start Manual/Electro
  • Fuel type Diesel
  • Engine model KS 480HD
  • Outlets 1x32A (230V)
  • 1x16A (400V)
  • Crank case volume 1.65 l
  • 50% power working time 12 h
  • Net weight 117 kg
  • Frequency 50 Hz


Universal generators 2 in 1 with a unique phase switching system VTS (Voltage Transfer Switch), which allows you to use one generator as a single-phase (230V) and three-phase (400V) with almost no loss of power. Each mode has its own automatic protection. No need to buy two separate generators.

Automatic transfer switch (KS ATS 4/63HD; KS ATS 1/40HD; KS ATS 3/18HD)

The ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) unit automatically starts the generator and transfers load to it when the main power supply is disconnected and automatically stops the generator when the central power supply is restored.


Heavy Duty series generators can be used not only as emergency power source, but also for long-term full-time operation. The engine resource exceeds 3000 working hours, this is confirmed by multi-hour, multi-level tests and warranty. To show high performance, machines should be maintained properly.

Increased warranty

Heavy Duty series diesel generators have the extended warranty – 2 years or 3000 operating hours (whichever comes first) under condition of proper operation and scheduled maintenance.

Ergonomic control panel

Convenient and ergonomic generator’s control panel allows you to control the entire unit easily and does not require additional skills. The modern intelligent LED display will always indicate the number of hours worked, frequency and voltage output. The information on the display helps to control the device load and timely maintain the generator, extending the operation life.

Preheater function

All Heavy Duty series generators are equipped with a preheat function, which allows you to easily start a generator in winter.


“Könner & Söhnen” series diesel generators are equipped with intelligent voltage stabilization system AVR. It allows to keep the voltage at a constant value of 230 V and protects against unwanted short circuits.

Enforced frame

Additional frame reinforcement with the upper protective strips allows HEAVY DUTY professional series generators to operate in a more rigid mode. The reinforced frame structure protects the tank against damage during operation and transportation.

Dampers to lower vibration

All models of Könner & Söhnen generators are equipped with rubber feet to reduce vibrations. The working generator will not damage the floor covering, and the frame coating will not be scratched.

Accessories set

Generator is equipped with additional accessories: a portable 3Р+Е+N 16A 400V power plug, a portable 2P+Е 32A 230V power plug, a 8x10mm hook key, 12x14mm and 17x19mm keyholes and a two way 6.0mm PH2 screwdriver.

  • Voltage, V 230
  • Max power 230V, kW 5.5
  • Nominal power 230V, kW 5.0
  • Max power 400V, kW 6.5
  • Nominal power 400V, kW 6.0
  • Frequency, Hz 50
  • Current, A (max) 23.04/11.74
  • Sockets 1×16А (400V), 1×32А (230V)
  • Fuel tank volume, l 15
  • 50% power working time, h 12
  • LED-display Voltage, frequency, working hours
  • Noise level Lpa/Lwa, dB 71/96
  • Power output DC, V/А 12/8.3
  • Engine model KS 480HD
  • Engine type Diesel powered one-cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled
  • Engine power hp/kW 14.0/10.3
  • Crank case volume, cm3 1.65
  • Engine cylinder volume, cm3 456
  • Power output controller Intelligent voltage stabilization system AVR
  • Engine start Manual / Electro
  • Power factor, cosφ 1/0.8
  • The diameter of the frame, mm 32, round
  • Accumulator, Ah 30
  • Output for ATS –
  • Net dimensions (L*W*H), mm 730x495x630
  • Gross dimensions (L*W*H), mm 750x550x670
  • Net weight, kg 117
  • Gross weight, kg 125
  • Protection class IP23M
  • EAN code 4260405362202

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