Fire Spread 1,75m x 1,85m

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Fireproof coatings

*Product description is based on information provided by the manufacturer about the product. The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. In accordance with certain modifications from the manufacturer changes may be made in the description of the product or its parameters.
  • Fiberglass cloth in a compact package.
  • Designed for rapid fire extinguishing in small areas.
  • Dimension: from 1,75m x 1,75m (3,06m2);

Operation instruction:

  1. To spread the fireproof coating, grasp the strings and pull them.
  2. Carefully cover the burning place, completely covering the flame.
  3. Turn off the source of the fire (gas stove or etc.).
  4. Leave the coating on a burning place until it cools down.
  5. Call the fire brigade!
  6. If someone’s clothes is on fire, put the victim on the ground, wrap him/her in fireproof coating and call for medical help immediately!

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