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Development and review of civil protection plans


  • 1. Development of civil protection plans

    Price: 413 - 854 EUR
  • 2. Revision and review of civil protection plans

    Price: 150.00 EUR

Purpose of civil protection plans

Civil protection plans are documents, which determine the appropriate procedures and actions to be taken by different business entities for working under special (emergency) regime. This is a reason why development and revision of the civil protection plans is a mandatory for any business entity for reducing of any risks, decreasing of material losses and minimizing of civil casualties in a case of:

  • Large-scale technogenic disasters;
  • Terrorist acts;
  • Introduction of martial law related to military invasion and enemy attack;

You can engage our specialists for effective development or revision of civil protection plans as it is permitted by the legislation of Latvian Republic. If you engage our specialists in developing documents, you will not only be able to timely comply with important requirements but also avoid payment of huge fine, which may be imposed by relevant authorities during inspections.

Development of civil protection plans

Methodology of developing of civil protection plans involves the following:

  • Initial stage: all documents, technical specifications and possibility of different emergency situations are to be collected and analyzed.
  • Basic stage of developing of civil protection plans: taken account of all local conditions and productions features of the business entity as a whole, the degree of readiness of management system and system of operational planning to function under the emergency regime is evaluated in detail.
  • Final stage: developed civil protection plans must be agreed with and approved by territorial bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other interested government bodies.

Effective period and revision procedures 

Civil protection plans are practically the plans with no fixed term but they must be revised and reviewed annually.

Upon drastic change in the external or in domestic conditions which may also be related to reshuffling in the state or municipal management bodies, the civil protection plans must be respectively revised and reviewed to reflect occurred changes. Also and in accordance with specific instructions of the head of civil defense, some sections of the civil protection plans may be corrected.

All control units of the organization must have civil protection plans.

Price and additional information

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