Fire safety documentation

Development of Fire safety instructions


  • 1. Development and review of fire safety instructions

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  • 2. Development of fire safety instructions at construction sites and during public events

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  • 3. The instruction on the operation of an important fire safety system and development of the inspection rules

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  • 4. The instruction on fire safety in the event if the fire-fighting system will initiate, activate and sound the fire alarm

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Purpose of fire safety instructions

One of the main tasks of any head of a company is to provide a fire safety in all premises under his /her authority and control.

The basic legal documents for providing, ensuring and implementing the fire safety activities are the executive orders and fire safety instructions. If order determines only general fire safety requirements, fire safety instructions cover of all aspects and details of fire protection of separate territories and premises, and also include factors related to fire and explosive hazards.

We have a broad and wide experience in developing and improving all types of fire safety instructions and other documentations and our expertise, and experience allow us to provide to any customer all required fire safety guidelines, manuals, regulations, instructions, standards and norms in very short period of time.

The company Latakva Fire Service is ready to develop all required fire safety instructions 

We offer all instructions and documentation, which are in compliance with current norms, standards, regulations and legislation – from the executive order of general matter and order of appointment of the person to be responsible for fire safety to developing fire safety instructions. There is an example of the basic types of instructions we can offer:

  • General instruction. The instruction must include the list of the basic requirements and take account of the production features and main operational conditions.
  • Instruction for each structural unit. The instruction must include a fire safety action/activity plan and measures for each structural unit and take account of all specific production factors.
  • Instruction on operational regime of technological equipment.
  • Instruction on operating of interior and exterior system of fire-fighting water supply.
  • Instruction on fixed fire-fighting system.
  • And much more.

Upon customer’s desire, our specialists can develop any other fire safety documentations and fire preventative measures.

Remember! The basic fire safety instructions must be revised and reviewed once in each three years.

Price and additional information

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