Fire safety documentation

Fire safety audit of the premises, assessment of fire protection equipment and reports on fire safety procedures, activities and actions


  • 1. Conducting of a fire safety audit of premises

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  • 2. Assessment of fire-fighting equipment and facilities

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  • 3. Audit report on fire safety procedures, activities and actions

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  • 4. Technical inspection of the controlling protection center

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What is a fire safety audit of premises?

A fire safety audit of premises, an assessment of fire-fighting equipment and reports on fire safety procedures, activities and actions are a complex of measures aimed at realistic assessment whether or not audited premises, installations and equipment are complying with the current fire safety standards and legislation. The current fire safety standards and legislation is the base for developing detailed post-audit recommendations for corrective and preventative actions related to any significant findings of the fire risk assessment of each specific premise.

Our company employs highly skilled and competent fire risk assessors and auditors/specialists with suitable education, training and experience to carry out a fire safety audit at your premises. The result of a fire safety audit is the expert report on the condition of fire-fighting equipment and on actions plans for increasing of a fire safety of your premise and facility.

As a rule, a fire safety audit and fire risk assessment is conducting in three stages.

Beginning stage

The preliminary scope of work is determined at the beginning stage. The preliminary scope of work includes determination of quality and quantity characteristics of the premises for further assessment and evaluation of terms, conditions and cost of conducting of a fire safety audit. As a rule, fire assessor/auditor/specialist will visit your premise to walk around it for assessing and identifying fire risks and to review existing documentation on fire safety. The beginning stage will be concluded by the confirmation and approval of the scope of work and by signing contract on conducting independent expertise of the fire safety conditions of the premise as a whole.

Complex inspection

Methodology of conducting a fire safety audit of the premise involves the following:

  • Features of functioning of the audited premise are reviewed;
  • All basic information and data is collected;
  • All existing fire safety documents and reports are classified and systemized;
  • All fire-fighting equipment and facilities are inventoried in detail;
  • Working acts are drawn up on the basis of the collected information.

Expert assessment of premise 

The purpose of the complex inspection is to provide a detailed expert assessment of a fire safety of premise. Such an expert assessment will be based on the results of analysis of the following:

  • Identification of all significant fire risks and hazards;
  • Evaluation of compliance of architectural solutions and design of the premise with the requirements of regulatory norms and standards;
  • Evacuation action plan in the event of fire;
  • Existing documentation and actual conditions of the fire safety actions plans;
  • Availability and adequacy of the active and passive fire protection and fire-fighting equipment and facilities at the premise;
  • Dangerous factors and the influence of consequences caused by them on personnel in case of fire.

The outcome of the comprehensive fire safety audit will be submission of the expert opinion (findings) with recommendations to mitigate fire risk and to minimize consequences caused by fire in the event of a fire occurring.

Price and additional information

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