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14 May

Marc-Ok flexible fire curtains are designed to separate fire areas in accordance with fire safety regulations.

14 May

In connection with the expansion of business scope, we invite builders with experience in working with high-pressure painting devices and fire retardant paint for metal.

19 Jan

We rent a spacious and bright room for seminars, conferences and other events.

Capacity up to 30-35 people.

07 Oct

We invite you to a free lecture - 09.10.2019.

18:00 Maskavas Street No. 156, Riga

Dr. Valdis Steins, guide.

14 Apr

Hello dear architects and builders!

We invite you to the seminar!



April 24, 2019 at 10:00 am

Maskavas Street 156, Riga

01 Apr

Hello dear architects and builders!

We invite you to the seminar!

Fire protection construction solutions SINIAT and Promat


April 17, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Maskavas Street 156, Riga

15 Nov

10 specialists of SIA Latakva spoke about the possibilities of protecting steel as a structural element within the framework of passive fire protection of buildings.

08 Jun

In order to assess how the market prices correspond to the quality of services and the actual cost of the work, the Latvian Fire Fighting Association organized the timing of maintenance work for fire extinguishers by independent experts and made a calculation of their cost. The purpose of this market research is to promote fair commercial practices among fire service providers and fire safety compliance.

Average service rates for specific models of fire extinguishers can serve as a guide to justifying service costs for apparatus.

18 Apr

In the period from 09.03. - 12.03. field trainings were held in Nauksheny, in which 69 young people aged 9 to 18 took part. These days, young people improved their fire fighting skills, they also got acquainted with fire fighting according to the CTIF rules. In practical and theoretical sessions led by SFRS representatives, they strengthened their knowledge of how to deal with various emergencies. Together with the ambulance doctors from Rugjiena, they learned the basics of first aid and practically learned how to tie their hands, feet and head.

09 Feb

About 10,000 fires are registered in the country every year, more than half of which are the result of careless actions with fire. Informing and educating the public is one of the priorities of the policy and strategy of the State Fire and Rescue Service for the next three years, because it is the knowledge of people and their ability to act in a crisis situation that can save you from harm. The Fire Fighting Conference, jointly organized by the Latvian Fire Fighting Association, FN Serviss and Gjensidige Latvija in mid-December, brought together leading Latvian and European experts in the field of fire fighting and community training to share best practices in Latvia and abroad and to provide recommendations on preventive fire fighting. measures.

03 Jan

Dear Clients!

We inform you that from January 1, 2018, amendments to the Law on Value Added Tax came into force, establishing a special regime for the application of VAT (Articles 142, 143.4 and 143.5 of the Law on VAT).

02 Aug

Although in recent years there has been a downward trend in the total number of fires and the number of people killed in them, Latvia's indicators of fire safety are among the worst among the countries for which such information is generalized. In 2016, there were 5.5 fires per 1000 inhabitants in Latvia on average and 4.4 people died, which is two times more than the average indicators of other countries, according to the statistics center of the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services.

18 Jul

Since September 2017, several clauses of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 238 “Fire Safety Rules” come into force, providing for significant changes and responsibility at public facilities and economic activities. These changes are obligatory for the responsible persons of public facilities, managers and legal entities that carry out economic activities at the facilities.

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