Outreach trainings "Know and be safe!" in Naukšeni are over


In the period from 09.03. - 12.03. field trainings were held in Nauksheny, in which 69 young people aged 9 to 18 took part. These days, young people improved their fire fighting skills, they also got acquainted with fire fighting according to the CTIF rules. In practical and theoretical sessions led by SFRS representatives, they strengthened their knowledge of how to deal with various emergencies. Together with the ambulance doctors from Rugjiena, they learned the basics of first aid and practically learned how to tie their hands, feet and head.

The days were intense for young people, because sports training alternated with practical exercises. In the evenings, young people performed various tasks, where they had to show the cohesion of the team, the ability to trust each other and apply logical thinking, choosing the right strategy.

Each young man brought home a smoke detector provided by our company, a textbook provided by the fire department, and a bottle of water, a magnet with 112 symbols, which were taken care of by the State Fire and Rescue Service.

We support such public education because we are convinced that young people from Grobiробa, Alsunga, Valmiera, Koceni, Burtnieki, Rujiena and Naukšeni counties will tell their families and friends about how important it is to live in such a way that everyone feels safe!