Seminar: Building fire protection solutions "SINIAT" and "Promat"

Hello dear architects and builders!

We invite you to the seminar!

Fire protection construction solutions SINIAT and Promat


April 17, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Maskavas Street 156, Riga

🛎 Apply by phone +371 20358170 (Evija) or send an application to


👨‍🏫 Seminar Topics


1. SINIAT systems - the seminar will be conducted by a specialist in SINIAT systems Arturas Remeika (Russian, English)

✅ Manufacturer of highly qualified certified SINIAT systems - introduction (10 min.)

✅ Certified plasterboard systems (10 min.)

✅ Why choose SINIAT systems? Documentation on the selection and creation of specifications in projects - (40 min)

✅ Services and support: specifications on drawings and on site (10 min)

✅ Questions and Answers


Coffee break - 20 min.


2. PROMAT solutions for fire protection of steel structures - the seminar will be held by Latakva fire safety specialist Artis Kronbergs.

✅ Promatect XS calcium silicate boards

✅ Promapaint SC3 and SC4 refractory paint for steel

✅ Plaster FIRE STOP PROMA SPRAY (40 min.)

✅ Questions and Answers


* after listening to the seminar, certificates will be sent to all participants

* Points will be awarded to certified architects.


🛎 Apply by phone +371 20358170 (Evija) or send an application to