Audit-ovi Siniat® Fire-tech El30 (koko 500x500 mm, ulkokehyksen koko 610x610 mm)

Valmistaja: Siniat
Malli: Fire-Tech EI60
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Siniat Fire-tech® EI60 access panel is designed for mounting in ceilings made of Siniat plaster-cardboard panels. The access panel is made of two frames consisting of two aluminium profiles: external and internal, which is the construction frame of the access panel door. The access panel is filled with two NIDA Fire+ plaster-cardboard panels with a thickness of 2x15.0 mm.

*Product description is based on information provided by the manufacturer about the product. The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. In accordance with certain modifications from the manufacturer changes may be made in the description of the product or its parameters.

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