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Malli: I Paste
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Flame Cabel Coating is a single-component intumescent paste, which is an aqueous dispersion of synthetic resin. The coating of the paste under the influence of a high temperature in fire conditions swells to form on the treated surface bubbling and fire resistant insulation layer.

*Tuotekuvaus perustuu valmistajan toimittamaan tuotteeseen liittyviin tietoihin. Kuvaus ja valokuvat ovat informatiivisia, toiminnalliset muutokset ovat mahdollisia. Valmistajan tiettyjen muutosten mukaisesti tuotteen kuvaukseen tai sen parametreihin voidaan tehdä muutoksia.


  • Fire resistance class: up to EI 120
  • Colour: Graphite gray
  • Environmental class: Z1,Z2
  • Density: 1,42 ± 5% g/cm³
  • Non volatile content, %: 73,9 ± 5%
  • Storage temperature range: from +5°C to +30°C
  • Shelf life, to application with no limit: 10 months in oryginally sealed container
  • The theoretical amount of paint needed (kg / m²) to give a coating thickness of 1 mm: 1,89 kg/m²
  • Commercial package: 10 kg

Paste designed for the fire protectio of steel and iron pipes without insulation, passing through the partitions; fireproof ceilings or walls and also to seal combustible pipe with a small diameter up to 40mm.

  • Technical Approval: AT-15-7807/2016
  • Cert. of conformity: 1488-CPR-0581/W
  • Hygienic Certyficate: HK/B/0557/01/2014
  • Declaration od Confirmity: CARBO/003-17-10-2016


  • Clean the penetration opening and pipe. Degrease, if required.
  • Protect the adjoining surfaces with a tape.
  • Mix the Flame Cabel I Paste.
  • Paint the steel pipe.
  • Mark the made penetraion seal with the information imprint supplied with each bucket of the Flame Cabel I Paste.

Additional information:

Paint is ready to use, does not require dilution. If necessary, limit dilution with hot water not more than 5%. Used tools clean with water. Surface drying time: 0.5 h +/- 10% (20C temperature and relative humidity 65%).

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