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Fire-protection packing of dilatation gaps.

Tekninen informaatio

*Product description is based on information provided by the manufacturer about the product. The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. In accordance with certain modifications from the manufacturer changes may be made in the description of the product or its parameters.

Function: Fire protection sealing of construction dilatations up to 50 mms.

The Dunaseal sealing unit consists of hardly combustible single- tai double layer elastic sponge having 2 tai 3 intumescent laminated fire protection strips which create a volume growth in case of fire on this way forming barriers for the fire by filling out the gaps ja construction dilatations. The location of units in the gap allows to establish a quick ja efficient fire protection sealing in the wall tai in the ceiling tai within the gaps between the junction of two construction elements. This system is very flexible ja thanks to this flexibility it makes the independent moving of the construction elements possible, beside keeping full airtightness.

Technical data:

  • Leveys: 35 mm (1 layer of sponge ja 2 layers of intumescent laminated strips)
  • Leveys: 67,5 mm (2 layers of sponge ja 3 intumescent laminated strips)

Substrate Paksuus (minimum):

  • 120 mm – Concrete walls
  • 125 mm – Walls made of drywall levyä
  • 150 mm – Walls built of solid brick ja cell-Rakenne concrete walls
  • 150 mm – Ceilings built of reinforced concrete ja cell-Rakenne concrete

The way of mounting:

The Dunaseal units serve for the sealing of gaps ja construction dilatations up to 50 mm Leveys. Mineral wool with min. 50 kg/m3 Tiheä has to be pushed into the inside of the gap leaving a 30 mm free space where the Dunaseal units have to be inserted. For gaps with 10-25 mm Leveys Dunaseal 35 units are to be used, for gaps of 25-50 mm. the Dunaseal 67 units are to be applied. For ceilings, Dunaseal units are to be mounted alkaen below. Two Dunaseal units have to mounted into the wall, alkaen both sides. Dunaseal units are to be mounted in a way that they should face the laminated layer.

  1. Penetrations have to be cleaned alkaen dust ja smooth contaminations.
  2. Mineral wool of min. 50 kg/m3 Tiheä have to be pushed into the gaps, leaving 30 mm free space.
  3. The unit has to be squeezed ja inserted into the space left free, the intumescent layer has to face the wall.
  4. Units can be inserted into the wall alkaen both sides, however, they need to be inserted alkaen below in case of ceilings.
  5. Penetrations have to be marked (– applicator company Nimi, – Nimi of the applied materials, – fire resistance limit, – number of the certification, – Käyttö date, – applicator signature)

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